Water Dance was magical at Kaohsiung Lantern Festival in Taiwan

Lantern Festival: Kaohsiung Taiwan


 Lantern Festival: Kaohsiung, Taiwan Lantern Festival is held on the first full-moon night of the Lunar Year.  What excitement is in the air! Lantern Festival is perhaps the most important of all the festivals in Taiwan. It is certainly the most romantic and everyone attends. You will see every style and make of lantern that […]

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Bamboo Forest from the aboriginal Siraya language of the hills surrounding Kaohsiung Harbor in Taiwan

Bamboo Forest: Kaohsiung Harbor, Taiwan


Bamboo Forest: Kaohsiung Harbor, Taiwan Bamboo Forests surround Kaohsiung Harbor in Taiwan. They are a dense green and beautiful! The Aboriginal Makatau language first called Kaohsiung, TaKau. Takau means bamboo forests in this Siraya Aboriginal Tribal tongue. Before the 17th century, Takau Isle was inhabited by the Makatau clan of the Siraya Aboriginal Tribe. Maka […]

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Millet Wine

Millet Wine: Aboriginal Homemade Wine


Millet Wine Of Taiwan Millet Wine, a cultural drink of Taiwan, has left the mountains and toured the world. What is it? What makes it so special? Let’s begin at the beginning….. Millet Wine is always homemade and was used as an offering to the gods and spirits that the Aboriginal people followed. You would […]

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Black Fungus Mushroom

Black Fungus Mushroom From Taiwan


Black Fungus Mushroom From Taiwan Black Fungus Mushroom is another health superstar from the Island Of Taiwan.  Have you ever considered taking a vacation and using part of the time to learn the secrets of their fruits and vegetables? Asia is blessed with many herbs, fruits, mushrooms, and vegetables that provide good health and possible […]

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Canigao Island

Canigao Island Leyte, Philippines


Canigao Island Leyte, Philippines Canigao Island is an amazing and beautiful island in the Southern Leyte of the Philippines.  The water is  crystal clear and the deepest blue.  The sand on the beach is the finest and milky white. Take a short walk around the island and breathe deep the fresh air! Rise early to […]

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Tamsui Fisherman's Wharf

Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf Taiwan


  Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf Taiwan Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf is perhaps one of the most important locations in all of Taiwan. It is alive with fishing boats, party boats, and seafood. Some of the best of Taiwanese Cuisine is found at Fishermans Wharf. The area is filled with gift shops, and clothing shops. Restaurants, and hotels […]

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BakKwa:Barbecued Dried Meat For New Year


Bakkwa: Bee Cheng Hiang Bakkwa, a festive food for New Year. This first Bakkwa is right out of Singapore. Bee cheng Hiang is a Singapore Company that boasts some of the best Bakkwa on earth. They take a quality meat and weave it using a traditional bamboo sieve. Then it is slowly simmered for hours […]

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THSR: Taiwan High Speed Rail


THSR: Exploring Taiwan In First Class THSR is Taiwan’s High Speed Rail! It is first class service, clean, and amazingly fast. Explore Taiwan in comfort, as you move from station to station in a timely fashion. Tea and cakes are  served and if you are still hungry, you can buy a small lunch. This truly […]

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