A Treasure Of The New Mexico Desert In The USA

 Purple Prickly Pear Cactus Are Treasures From The High Desert Of New Mexico 

The Prickly pear cactus grows in all the deserts of beautiful New Mexico. Every spring these dry and thirsty deserts are filled with  beautiful blooms of  bright yellow, deep red and this beautiful purple. During this time of year, the deserts are blooming, as they wait for the summer monsoon rains that will soon come. Some of these plants will have green pads, while others have a spectacular pad of purple.  These are the amazing colors of the deserts.

The Prickly Pear Cactus As Food

The pads and fruit of most prickly pear cactus are considered a major food source by all who call this desert home. You even find that this cactus on the menus of many restaurants. Since the beginning of recorded time, we know that the Native Americans have cooked with this treasure. Cooks all over the state flock to the markets to get this fruit in season. Fruits are eaten raw, dried, or made into juices, jams, and even delicious syrups.  The pads are very carefully peeled and then usually boiled or roasted. They are served as a vegetable.

The Prickly Pear Cactus As Modern Medicine 

Native Americans have used this cactus for medicine for centuries. Now we are seeing some doctors using this cactus for things like obesity, high cholesterol, Type 2 diabetes, arthritis, and different viruses. It is also reported to cure things like diarrhea, scurvy, and is being tested on other types of infections. The score card is still out on this amazing Prickly Pear Cactus.

It Is Time For A Desert Adventure

What could be more exciting than a desert adventure? What could be more amazing than seeing this beautiful purple cactus growing wild and free in the desert? The United States has many deserts, but New Mexico is blessed with so many of the treasures of the desert. Why not make this the year you discover her treasures?







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