The Adventurist Attitude

The Adventurist Attitude is a state of mind really, and once you become self aware of all of the opportunities to explore around you that is what you will do. We don’t always get to go abroad, and sometimes we do for many years at a time. But when we are in the United States it is nice to explore these areas as well. There are museums, zoo’s, hiking trails, theme parks, beaches, and so much more one can see. Our objective here at ExploreTraveler is to inspire you the reader to think outside the box, and to take a step out of your daily grind or comfort zone. Once you begin to do so, and the events or experiences add up one thing will lead to another.

Southern White Rhino

Look for season passes to the zoo or conservation parks for cost savings. When planning consider driving to USA National Parks or small ferry rides to islands close to shore. There can be great experiences, and wonderful places to explore closer by sometimes. Just look at this picture above, and you will see a rare baby rhino with the mother. This is a great example of being able to experience a severely endangered animal protected here in San Diego. We did not have to fly anywhere and now have great stories to write about for San Diego tourism.

So discover Adventurist Attitude, and your destiny today, and share with us at

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