Agas Agas Leyte Jungle Trekking

Agas Agas Leyte Jungle
Agas Agas Leyte Jungle

Agas Agas Leyte: Adrenaline Rush

Agas Agas Leyte in the Southern Leyte Jungle is waiting to give you a morning adrenaline rush. What an experience awaits you in the jungles of the Philippines. So grab your camera and backpack and let’s go jungle trekking in Agas Agas Leyte. What a fun place to be! Being a bird lover, I think of all the different species of parrots in the jungle. Can you imagine how many different parrots are calling out good morning? How ecstatic it is to wake up in Sogod, Southern Leyte and know that so many exciting activities lay just ahead.

Agas Agas Leyte is the home of the tallest bridge in the Philippines. Agas Agas Bridge is a blessing for all who travel The National Highway. This precarious highway after a heavy rain  would cling to the sides of the mountain. Then there was the hope that it would still be there in the morning! A night of heavy rain would often wash segments of the road away. The blessing of this bridge is that it avoids those troublesome areas. As a side note, it has amazing beauty  and is the tallest bridge in the country.

After a fabulous  Filipino breakfast, the next stop of the day should include ziplining the jungle. What an adrenaline rush that will be. So hang onto your hat and let’s go! Think about all that you will see and feel as you fly your way through the jungle. The Agas Agas Adventure Park has a long zipline and is 377 feet in the air. You will zip down at speeds of just under a 100 miles an hour. It is one of the fastest and steepest in the country.

Another exciting adventure for the day is the cable car ride. Can you even begin to imagine cruising over the tallest bridge in The Philippines in a cable car? All the beautiful colors of green in the jungle will be below, what a fantastic trip. What a canvas of beauty that will be! Agas Agas Leyte has such beauty

No tour of Agas Agas Leyte will be complete without a walking tour of Sogod. It is a city of old churches and very beautiful to behold. A perfect way to get your land legs back! You might want to end the day with another awesome Philippo dinner.  There are many quality restaurants in Agas Agas Leyte.

Some of the other things to do in this jungle haven is bungee jumping, skateboarding, and rappelling. This is an area where extreme sports are king, and the panoramic view of the mountains, rivers, and jungles is captivating.

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