Alaska Airlines a travelers review.

For years we have traveled United States and the world, but we have seldom mentioned the airlines we use.
These days we use Alaska Airlines, and we are happy with them for the following reasons, and they provide great access to Alaska, Seattle, Mexico, Hawaii, and Iceland. Soon Virgin America will be combined into the airline opening up even more possibilities.

Since our status is somewhat high here they have ugraded our seats or allowed us to sit in exit rows without any problem. The attitude of the people who who work here has always been positive, and we think that most likely goes back to good management, and a company that values it’s emplyees.

Here are some top point to consider.

1. The staff who operate the airlines have a great attitude.

2. The have an easy to use mileage program.

3. They fly to remote areas of Alaska.

4. The Alaska club is world class.

5. Very informative magazine called Alaska Beyond.

Just for these top reason we try to use them as exclusively as possible. The cost to use the airline are also more reasonable most of the time. The Apple IOS App also works while in the air without paying any online fees. This enables us to be able to check on gates, flight times and much more.

So the next time you decide to travel consider using Alaska Airlines.

You can see more about traveling in Alaska at Alaska.Digital.

Happy Travels.


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JOHN J GENTRY'S BIO:John J Gentry is a lifelong adventure travel enthusiast and international manager, Philanthropist, and ex-solder. Spent 2011-2015 developing an international team in HsinChu, Taiwan.Early on he spent the better part of the 90’s working with the US Army in Germany, Iraq and Kuwait. For kicks, he studied in Alaska 2008-2010 international history for a greater understanding in his adventure travels.He has had some great experiences, and successes traveling around the world documenting his travels with his family via

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