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Native Art

Alaska Native Art from Juneau area

With all the natural beauty of Alaska, it is no accident that some of the most unique and beautiful artwork comes from some very talented native artists. The state is full of rugged beauty with glaciers, mountains, rivers, lakes and wildlife. All of these can be reflected in the authenic native artwork.

When buying artwork that is represented as native, read the fine print. If it gives the name of the artist and says that he or she comes from a specific Alaskan Native American Tribe, then legally it must be authenic and truely a piece of Alaskan Native Art. If the terms are vague or general, then it is possible that the piece is done by someone else outside the tribe. Do your research and know what you are buying.

When searching for authentic arts and crafts, look to see if there is a certification tag with the item. Not all authentic crafts have this tag, but many do. These tags have a symbol of a silver hand on the tag. It will also state that the article is “Authentic Native Handicraft from Alaska.” There is another tag that carries the words, “Made in Alaska.” This certifies that the craft or artwork was made in Alaska. This can be made by any Alaskan resident.  An imformed buyer can make educated choices.

Alaskan Native artists and craftsman produce a variety of handicrafts. They are famous for their carvings of soapstone and whale bones. They also have many other materials that they use to produce beautiful carvings.  They are also famous for their gorgeous baskets, beautiful dolls, and magnificent drums. These drums are of the highest quality and produce a deep rich sound. They also produce very unique masks, and beautiful charcoal prints, etchings, and paintings. Each one is unique and guaranteed to be one of a kind.

All the many small towns have their own gift shops where you can buy the local artwork. Take time to stroll through the streets and allyways. It is here that you will discover those hidden jewels. A day spent exploring the art of Alaska, is an adventure in the lives of those that call Alaska home. Any day is a good day to discover the Alaskan Native Art.  Enjoy your adventure among the treasures of the north.

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