Ancient City of Nablus In Palestinian


Ancient City of Nablus In Palestinian

Nablus, is the ancient Biblical city of Shechem. It is one of the oldest cities in the world. Nablus has a population that is over 50,000 people. That makes it the largest Palestinian City in the West Bank. Nablus is a clean, neat,  and very modern city. Tourists will find restaurants, hotels, and many gift stops available. It is home to the largest university in The West Bank.   Al-Najah University offers a quality education for the citizens of the West Bank. It is also a major financial hub.  It is is the home of the Palestinian stock-exchange.  

In the center of modern Nablus, lies the old city of Nablus.  The old city is like taking a step back into a former time. The streets are lined with little pottery shops, shoe makers, harness shops, weaving shops, and a wealth of other small shops. Agriculture is a major player in the economics of the West Bank. All through the market area you will find bakeries, small restaurants, and clothing shops. This is the Nablus of yesterday, with it’s quaint shops, and cobblestone streets. Fresh fruit lines the streets. The local produce is abundant through this open market. Life is a history lesson. The streets are living history.

The area of Biblical Shechem is located in the Balata district. This is a small section in the South-Eastern part of Nablus.  It was in Shechem that Abraham passed through on his way to Canaan. It was here that he offered his first sacrifice to God. Shechem is also the location of Jacob’s well. It is located inside a Greek Orthodox Monastery. The Orthodox have done a good job in keeping this holy site safe.  This is also the well that Jesus spoke to the Samaritan woman as recorded in the 4th chapter of John. Joseph’s tomb is also located in the city. In 2000 ,violence broke out and the tomb was destroyed completely. The artifacts that were in the tomb were also completely destroyed.

If you enjoy the combination of the old and the new, Nablus is your city. It is beautiful! It is well cared for!  While you are in the West Bank, take time to search out Nablus. Here you will enjoy yesterday, blended with today.


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