Ancient Mosaic art in Madaba Jordan

The ancient art of traditional mosaics in Madaba Jordan.

This ancient art is taught at the Madaba Institute for Mosaic Art and Restoration, famous for beautiful mosaic craftwork in Jordan.

Such intricate compilations require patient dedication in placing each small and complex tile.

The only project of its kind in the Middle East, the Institute trains artisans in the art of making, repairing and restoring mosaics, true to the ancient art and tradition.

In mosaic art, each one continues to tell complex stories.

“The Last Supper” reproduction, each small piece of tile is placed perfectly in the old mosaic tradition.

The amiable market town of Madaba has many unique places to shop and eat.

From water pipes to camel’s hair purses, there is so much to see and do in the city of Mosaics!

A spicy good lunch is easy to find in the capital city of central Jordan.

The town of Madaba was once a Moabite border city from the Bronze age, mentioned in the Bible in the books of Joshua 13:9 and Numbers 21:30

The ancient city of Madaba Jordan, rich in culture and history.


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