Aqaba Beaches On The Red Sea

Aqaba Beaches

Aqaba Beaches On The Red Sea

Aqaba beaches, are a touch of paradise. Imagine, waking up and going down to the Red Sea. What happiness! How delightful it is to walk down to the shores. What pleasure it is to have your morning tea and a piece of fresh fruit on the peaceful banks. The Red Sea will over-whelm you. It is the deepest blue. It is peaceful beauty. Walk out in the early morning and enjoy the fresh air of the morning. Then return to your Hotel resort for breakfast overlooking the shores. The Red Sea at Aqaba is nothing short of perfection. Immerse yourself in the moment as you begin your day at the Red Sea. This is a seaside paradise, as you gaze out across the Sea at Eilat, Israel. Can the day begin any better?

Just like the beautiful coastal waters of the Red Sea, the gulf is a major site. It is a source of beauty and usefulness for three cities and three countries. Three of the world’s most important cities call this gulf home. Taba in Egypt, Eilat in Israel, and Aqaba in Jordan share area and shores. Three important cities in three countries share in this beautiful gulf of the Red Sea. How amazing and beautiful are the shores of the Red Sea.

Aqaba is Jordan’s  gateway to the world’s oceans. Only at Aqaba can you embark on all the adventures that the sea has to offer. Here you can dive and snorkel. Your resort can set you up with a dive boat. Diving in the Red Sea is fantastic adventure. Elect to see the sea from the vantage point of a glass boat. Now that is spectacular adventure. These beautiful beaches at Aqaba offer some of the best sun lounging in the world. Sit back, close your eyes, and relax. You are in Aqaba paradise. Winters are mild, The landscape is restful, unique, and inviting. Welcome to Aqaba, Jordan……the gateway to the world’s oceans!

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