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Knafeh Recipe A Cheese Butter Pastry Delight

Kanafeh Künefe or Kadayif is a cheese butter pastry soaked in sweet syrup
Food Travel Travel Tips Uncategorized World Travel
Knafeh Is A Cheese Pastry Delight Knafeh is the richest and creamiest; it is a sweet and cheesy delicacy. Just when it seems it could not be better, ...
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Sanxiantai Dragon Bridge Taitung, Taiwan

Sanxiantai Dragon Bridge
East Coast Taiwan Taitung Taiwan Travel Tips World Travel
Sanxiantai Dragon Bridge in Taitung Taiwan Sanxiantai Dragon Bridge in Taitung, Taiwan              台湾台東の三仙台ドラゴンブリッジ Sanxiantai Dragon Bridge is a long footbridge connecting the ...
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Skagway Alaska Gateway To The North

Skagway, Alaska
Alaska USA World Travel
Skagway Alaska Gateway To The North Welcome to Skagway Alaska, the gateway to the Klondike and beyond. Skagway is yesterday alive and well! In Skagway, you will hear ...
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Taiwan Rock Monkeys of Formosa Island

Baby monkey
Taiwan World Travel
Baby Formosan Rock Macaque Taiwan Monkeys of Formosa Live In A Protected Habitat Taiwan Monkeys (Taiwan’s Formosan Rock Monkeys) are the only monkey native to Taiwan. Taiwan’s Formosan ...
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