Bad Economics but Good Adventure Travel

Indonesian RupiahBad Economics but Good Adventure Travel

With this morning seeing a 1000 point drop in the Dow Jones Industry Average, and currency fluctuations around the world. We thought it would be useful to point out the silver lining for a savvy adventure travel enthusiast.

Indonesia has some of the most beautiful beaches and scuba diving world wide. The U.S. Dollar has gained significantly there, and the amount of value you can get for every US dollar should be considered an advantage. You will need to do some study, and have the ability to be flexible but great deals are possible.

The opportunities for adventure travel coincide with what people are willing to do for you, and in times like these you are more likely to get better prices as long as you negotiate along the way. Foreigners will be targeted more for so be prudent, and know your prices all along the way. Food should drop in price since there will be less tourists, and scuba shops should be more likely to deal. Keep your gear clean, and at the ready, but be careful of petty crime since times are much harsher economically in other countries.

So even if you don’t follow world economics it would behoove you to follow the currency markets where you want to go. Deals abound when markets become unstable and cash is king again. So keep your eyes open and start trying a little travel hacking, and get a great deal.

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