Bamboo Cannon Demonstration

Bamboo cannon demonstration by the ‪‎indigenous peoples of ‪‎Taiwan

Bamboo Cannon Demonstration

Bamboo Cannon Demonstrations bring to life an earlier time. The indigenous people of Taiwan are eager to share their life with those who are interested.  They share the life of their ancestors with those who are willing to listen and learn. The Amis Folk Center on the East Coastal Scenic Highway was made for that very purpose. Here the Amis and other indigenous groups continue to share their simple lives with the visitors that pass through the Center. The center is amazing! It is fun! It is an Amis Adventure.

One of the delights of the center is a nice gift and information shop. Throughout the grounds you will see examples of simple dwellings and other structures. On the main platform  you can see many demonstrations of arts and crafts of the indigenous people. Scattered throughout are small workshops. This is hands on fun! There is also weaving, dancing and music demonstrations. One of the most unusual demonstrations is that of the Bamboo Cannon.

Visitors can actually take an active part in these workshops. There are demonstrations of the making of Bamboo Cannons, and swings. There are also archery demonstrations. What fun! Immerse yourself in a time when simple things were used with skill. The Bamboo Cannon Workshop actually  allows you to explore these amazing tools. What an amazing instrument in the hands of knowledgeable people! The Bamboo Cannon Workshop is an Amis Celebration!  It is an indigenous adventure.

The Bamboo Cannon was used throughout Asia, but especially in Taiwan, The Philippines, and Malaysia. The number one use of the Bamboo Cannon was to keep birds from attacking the crops. When fired with precision, the birds would scatter. Another use was to dispel evil spirits from the clan. When there were spirits seeking to do harm to the community, they would fire these cannons. The bamboo cannon also came in handy when they needed to send messages to their ancestors. All this with one simple tool!

Today is the day to explore the East Coast of Taiwan. It is beautiful!  It is fascinating!  It is a day to immerse yourself in the culture of the indigenous people of Taiwan. Come on over to the Amis Folk Center.  At the Folk Center, history is alive. Here you can experience an Amis Adventure!


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