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Banana flower
Banana flower

The Amazing Banana Flower

The beautiful Banana Flower is amazing for its health benefits. It may well be a wonder flower of Asian Traditional Medicine. The Banana Flower has the ability to combat bacteria growth and is being looked at as a possible way to inhibit Malarial bacterial growth. It is an excellent stabilizer of blood sugar levels. Like the Fig leaf, it is a big benefit to diabetics. The Banana Flower is an excellent antioxidant. It is known to help in the prevention of heart disease and strokes. The high level of Magnesium in the flower helps to stabilize mood and relieves stress.

The nutritional benefit per 100 grams of Banana Flower is amazing. It has approximately 51 Calories, and has the following major nutrients:

56 mg of Calcium
1 gm of Protein
9 gm Carb
5 gm of Fiber
73 mg of Phosphorous
56 mg of Iron
13 mg of Copper
553 mg of Potassium
48 mg of Magnesium
1 mg of Vitamin E

Banana Flower In The Kitchen

India, Taiwan, The Philippines, South America, Mexico, to name a few, love to cook with the Banana Flower. They all have many delicious recipes for the Banana Flower. Below is one of my favorite recipes from Mexico. This video is not in English, but the cook uses some English and there are English Subtitles. If you watch carefully, you will get the idea of how to prepare this dish, one of my favorite.

 Banana Flower Cutlets Mexican Style

Banana Flower Salad


Peel Away  the outer red/purple colored leaves
As you get closer to the center of the flower the leaves look pale.
Now cut off the end of the stem.
Slice very thinly and start adding to a bowl with citrus or vinegar water to keep the Banana Flower from turning brown.
Allow to soak for 20 mins.
Drain and add to an empty clean bowl.

Add: shredded red cabbage, sliced scallions, Thai Basil, snow peas, grated carrot, lime zest, and black Sesame Seeds.


Make a simple dressing using:  Grated ginger and garlic, Rice vinegar, Raw sugar, Sesame oil,
Fish sauce, White pepper, and Lime juice. Use small amounts and taste, until you get it the way you like.


These are just a couple of the many ways to use this amazing flower. Come and see for yourself all the amazing things you can do with one gorgeous flower. It is not too late to book your 2015 Asian vacation and the food is awesome. For added vacation ideas check out our website at:

Note:  For those who prefer to buy and cook this flower in the USA,   you will find that most often, this vegetable is available in Asian or tropical food markets.


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