Bangkok’s Grand Palace

Grand Palace
Bangkok, Thailand: The Palace of the Kings.

Bangkok’s Grand Palace: The Palace of the Kings

Bangkok’s Grand Palace  is another Asian delight. In many countries, Kings, Queens, and palaces, are everyday words. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to visit the outer courts of the Kings Palace? Come along with me and let’s go to Thailand, the home of Bangkok’s Grand Palace .

Bangkok’s Grand Palace is an absolute must see on any trip to Thailand. Within the outer gates is a complex that is rich in history with unbelievable architecture made from real gold. The wealth of the palace and its artifacts are so valuable that you must leave your credit card or passport at the front entrance to ensure that you exit the grounds correctly. The Temple of the Emerald Buddha, located within the gates, is one of the Holiest sites in Thailand. The palace was the official home to the Kings of Siam (Thailand) since the year of 1782. The King, his court, and other royalty called this palace home until the year 1925.

King Bhumibol Adulyadej (Rama XI), currently calls Chitralada Palace home. Even though the newer palace is the current home to the monarch, Bangkok’s Grand Palace still functions for all the official events during the year. There are several royal ceremonies and special festivities that are held yearly within the walls of Grand Palace. Bangkok’s Grand Palace is one of the most visited of Thailand’s many popular tourist attractions. A link listing the various events held within the palace walls follows this article.

Construction of Bangkok’s Grand Palace began in 1782 and continued throughout the official life of the palace. In 1925 it ceased to be the official home of the King and the Royal Government. In 1932 the official absolute monarchy of the reigning King was absolved. At this time all the government agencies moved out of the palace completely. It is now only used for special events and is a major tourist attraction.

Please note: There is an official dress code for men and women when visiting Bangkok’s Grand Palace. No bare feet, see-through clothes, tank tops, sleeveless dresses, or short pants are allowed. If you are in question as to if you are modestly dressed, you probably need to cover up.

Bangkok’s Grand Palace is open daily from 8:30am to 3:30pm, unless there are special events being held. The different events throughout the year  are listed in the following table. The admission is the equivalent of $3.05 USD plus you must have a passport or credit card to leave at the front office for security.

So pack your bags and grab your passport for the adventure of a lifetime, at Bangkok’s Grand Palace. For more information and other fantastic Asian tourist delights, check out our web site:

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  1. I just visited the GP in September 2014. Yes there is a dress code, but they offer free cover ups if you’re not dressed appropriately. But you do not have to leave your wallet and passport at the door. That would be quite the invitation for thieves.

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