Beach Living In Portland Maine


                                                Fresh Ocean Beaches Mixing With Wild Roses

Welcome to Portland, Maine……where the beauty of nature blends with the special uses of fragrant wild roses, an amazing past, and an ever challenging and unique future. This is a land of hidden coves, ocean breezes, exciting activities, bountiful fall harvests, historic mansions, spectacular lighthouses,  and winter fun. Can you comprehend a small seaside city that jets out into Casco Bay being so unique and special?

Blooming all along the shore are special roses, ones that occur in nature wild and free, and not hybrids. These spectacular coastal roses grow extremely large and usually only bloom once annually. When they are blooming the fragrance is strong and amazing. The rose hips at the end of the season are used as medicine, the petals are used in potpourri, and also in the making of essential oils and hydrosols. For centuries the Wabanaki Traditional Culture gathered and used these beautiful but important flowers and their hips.

This city by the bay began as a trading post and a small fishing village. When you wander through the city today, you will still see many historic landmarks, some dating back as far as the 10th Century. It is a city where you can see historic homes, museums, and lots of art galleries and private art studios. This creative city is adventurous with an historic flavor. In Portland, you will find modern and historic, side by side, blended nicely in today’s city life.

While spending time in Portland, you can choose to stay near the port, where there are many quality accommodations, top rated restaurants, and an exciting night life. If you prefer, you can also stay in the historic bed and breakfasts, enjoy the museums, and seek out the creative side of Portland. And for those who like to explore nature, there are endless opportunities to hike and discover the natural world that Portland has to offer.

When is the best time to visit? That depends on what you want to do. Every season is an amazing opportunity of discovery and adventure. Early summer brings fantastic beaches with wild roses in bloom, Then of course there are the gentle ocean breezes, that carry the fragrance of the roses throughout the area. If you are looking for a place full of adventure, Portland, Maine is a fantastic place to start.





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