Beautiful Balboa Park In San Diego

San Diego Zoo in Beautiful Balboa Park

Beautiful Balboa Park

Balboa Park is a magnificent park in the “cultural heart” of San Diego, California. It is beautiful! It is lush and green. It is nearly 1,200 acres and includes 17 different museums, 8 extremely different and beautiful gardens, and is home to the San Diego Zoo. Balboa Park is the largest Cultural complex in North America. It even is larger in size than New York’s Central Park. The gardens are magnificent. Each incredible garden is completely different and jaw-dropping. The flowers are stunning. Many of the flowers are rare. The amazing architecture is phenomenal. Balboa Park is filled with cultural gems. Its green and lush landscaping are beautiful. It is home to many world-class performing arts studios. Their performances are breathtaking. Welcome to Balboa Park!

World Famous San Diego Zoo

In the center of this amazing cultural center you will find the world-class San Diego Zoo. The San Diego Zoo covers more that 800 acres with-in Balboa Park. The Zoo is a world renowned conservation organization. Visitors are able to  view exotic and endangered animals in their natural habitat environments. You will also enjoy many other non-endangered animals.  There are more than 4000 rare and endangered animals at the zoo. This represents more than 800 species and sub-species. You will see such exciting animals as the Ring-tailed Lemur of Madagascar and the Desert Big Horn Sheep. Both of these animals are endangered. You will see both rare and common reptiles, as well as many bird species. As a zoo visitor,  you will have the opportunity to visit the rare Giant Panda Bear. What a delight the Panda is. And what about the cute and cuddly Kola? They are a delight! As you visit each of these treasured animals, you will be able to read up on the characteristics and needs of each animal. What a fun learning experience. What a treasure the San Diego Zoo is!

Have you considered a local vacation? No passport is needed! You will need no airline tickets. Just grab the kids and head on out to Balboa Park. Here you can see and do more than you ever dreamed. Today is the day to gas up the car and make it a Zoo Adventure. See you soon, at the zoo!

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