The Beautiful And Rugged Wilderness Of The Delta Range

Alaska Range

A Cold And Beautuful Mountain Wilderness
The Alaskan Range with it snow-covered peaks and glaciers is spectacular. It lies in the Eastern part of the state of Alaska, just to the Northwest of Wrangle-St. Elias National Park. It forms a beautiful back-drop for all the small communities that dot that area of Southeastern Alaska.

There is so much more to see in the Alaska Range than just Denali National Park.  Equally spectacular are impressive low level glaciar peaks to the East of the park’s main entrance. The Delta Mountains provide over a million miles of wilderness playground, complete with hiking trails. One of the most amazing trails is a 20.5 mile trail round trip to the magnificent Castner Glacier. This is only one of the adventures that are waiting in the Alaska Mountain wilderness.  It is a wilderness paradise for the hiker with many marked trails throughout the area.

There are several different glaciers throughout the wilderness and back-country skiing is another common past time in the area. You can grab your sled and just enjoy the snow. You do not need any special equipment usually. What you do need are excellent skills in wilderness survival and navigation. White outs are not uncommon in that area.

Alaska is home to the greatest mountain range on the North American continent. It is also home to our continent’s highest peak. Isn’t it time to discover all that it has to offer? What a spectacular place to find adventure and it is in your own backyard. No passport required. No new language skills involved. Just grab your backback and head out. See you soon in the land of the midnight sun, where you can play in the sun late into the night. Your next adventure is waiting in the wings.

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