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 Big Buddha
Tian Tan Buddha Big Buddha Statue Hong Kong

Big Buddha: Tian Tan Statue Hong Kong

Big Buddha or Tian Tan Buddha is a huge statue of Buddha Amoghasiddhi in Hong Kong. It is a symbol of the relationship of mankind and nature. It also depicts everyday people and their religions. Big Buddha sits atop a large lotus flower and has six smaller statues surrounding him. These six smaller statues symbolize “The Offering of the Six Devas.” Each gentle-looking Deva is offering something special to the Buddha with a very peaceful expression.These six offerings are patience, wisdom, zeal, charity, meditation and morality. These are the six stages that man must pass before they reach perfection or nirvana.

The Big Buddha is one of five mega statues of Buddha in all of Asia. Visitors can ascend the 240 stairs to reach the statue. It is quite a climb, but it is believed that with each step you leave one of your problems behind.The Big Buddha is the only one of the five mega statues to face north. The other statues all face south. The right hand of Tian Tan Buddha is raised with the left hand in his lap. This is to signify that affliction has been removed from the faithful.

The large base of the statue depicts The Temple of Heaven in China. There is a link following for information on the Temple of Heaven in China. It is one of the amazing temples in the world. There is information on visiting China, regulations, and how to plan a vacation to see the The Temple of Heaven.

There are three halls beneath the statue. The three halls are: The Hall of the Universe,Benevolent Merit, and Remembrance. There is a showroom with a huge bell containing hand carved images of The Big Buddha. The bell rings 108 times a day, or once for each of the 108 adages of Wisdom. A complete list of the 108 proverbs can be seen by clicking on this link:

While in the area of the Big Buddha there are several other attractions worth seeing: Po Lin Monastery is less than a half mile from Big Buddha. It is a must see while in the area. Lantau South Country Park, Lantau Trail, and Tai O are all less than 2 miles away. These are nice places to rest or go for a walk.

Motels close to the Big Buddha are:These are both 4.5 star hotels and less than 5 miles from the Big Buddha Statue.

Novotel Citygate Hong Kong
No.51 Man Tung Road, Tung Chung, Hongkong, Kiina
Telephone for reservations: 011 852 3602 8888

Tai O Heritage Hotel
Shek Tsai Po Street |
Tai O, Lantau Island,
Hongkong Hong Kong, Kiina (Lantau Island)
No phone listed on site.

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