Big Thunder Mountain Railroad At Disneyland USA

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
Big Thunder Mountain Railroad zooms over Frontierland at Disneyland USA

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad At Disneyland USA is back once again and ready for adventure. Are you ready to rumble on down Rainbow Ridge? This is excitement for the whole family. Venture inside the mountain and scoop out the Big Thunder Mining Company. Scoot on down the track amid the cactus, bedrock, and venture inside a mining company from the days of the gold rush days. If you are not afraid, you can trapeze on down and a special 5 car train will take you on down inside the mine shaft.  Here in Big Thunder Mountain there is mystery at every turn.

As you race through the  darkness you will bounce back and forth, as the train winds on down this old narrow track at Big Thunder Mountain. As you hurl on down this track you will drop down into canyons and caves and even discover the ole ghost town of Big Thunder. Hang on good, we don’t want anyone hurling into a canyon as we cross.  You will see waterfalls, unique rock formations and sometimes you have to dodge a rock slide as it rumbles by.  What adventure is waiting at Big Thunder Mountain.

Big Thunder Mountain is a spooky place to be hurling through the cliffs and caves. Watch out! Was that a ghost? Legend has it that the mountain is haunted and the town became nothing but a ghost town. There are even rumors of headless train engineers running  the trains and things and people just seem to disappear.  Can it all be true? Who knows, but take care while in this spooky place. Welcome to Big Thunder Mountain!

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is a roller coaster type ride and fun for the whole family. Please be aware that if you have small children, that some parts of the ride is in the dark and may be scary to them. If you are coming to Disneyland, check out Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, where adventure is at every turn.


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