Bismarckia Palms In Taiwan

-Bismarckia Palms

Bismarckia Palms In Taiwan

Bismarckia Palms are a silver-blue and beautiful to look at. They are found all over the tropics and grow especially well in Taiwan. What a beautiful palm tree. The Bismarckia Palms are easy to grow and extremely magnificent. If you want to enhance your home, plant Bismarckia Palms.  They originally came from Madagascar, but grow in all the tropical and semitropical regions of the world.

Bismarckia Palms grow marvelously through-out the tropics, subtropics, and in other microclimates. They are planted in areas such as Florida, Southern California, Arizona, Indonesia, and Australia. Bismarckia Palms suffer from cold temperatures but will recover quickly if not too cold. The green variety is the most sensitive to cold weather. They can be damaged at 32 degrees. The silver-blue ones can handle and recover down to 23 degrees. They do not like a drought! They thrive on adequate rainfall. They have a massive base and need lots of room wherever they are planted. If you are looking for a palm tree is a striking beauty, then the Bismarckia Palm is your tree.

Bismarckia Palms when mature have small brown flowers. They have a beautiful fragrance. The flowers are followed by small non-edible fruits.  In the female tree, they each, in turn, produce one small seed within the fruit. .  Bismarckia Palms are one of the most desired fan palms in Florida.  Bismarckia Palms are a massive palm. They give a dramatic effect to any landscape. This palm can be used as a focal point or for nice shade and screening. This is perhaps the most beautiful and graceful palm anywhere. They are gorgeous! They are stunning! They are delightful! They are the Bismarckia Palms!

The Bismarckia Palms are often sought after by photographers for background in pictures. They provide the perfect backdrop for pictures of people and pets. These palms are beautiful! What is there not to like about them? The next time you are in Taiwan, look for the beautiful Bismarckia Palms. Or better yet, if you are in the sub-tropics or tropics, plant your own Bismarckia Palms today. You will be glad you did.

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