Breakfast At The Tsukiji Market In Tokyo

                                               Sitting Down To The Perfect Breakfast In Japan

We arrived in Tokyo, Japan and suddenly we are hungry for a good Japanese breakfast. Arriving at Tokyo’s  Tsukiji Market, famous for it’s quality and size throughout the world, we begin looking for a restaurant to have a good local style breakfast. Fresh and mouthwatering Sushi and Sashimi served on a nice bed of rice will be perfect. After all, how can you not eat Sushi and Sashimi in Japan?

Sashimi, which is nothing more than paper thin slices of your favorite raw fish, usually Salmon or Tuna, is a perfect way to start the day. It is usually ordered on a nice bed of rice, which is a spectacular way to start a day of Japanese exploration. Rice is extremely  important in Japan and is usually served three times a day in most Japanese homes. We complemented our Sashimi with some spectacular sushi. Sushi rolls may or may not have raw fish, but for sure they will have been dressed in vinegar.

With such a good start to our day, we are now able to explore the market and points beyond. When in Tokyo, adventure is at every turn. It seems that there is always something new or different catching our eye. The market is full of things for the home, produce, souvenirs, and of course, fish. There is enough new and different items in the market to keep you in high spirits at least till lunch. Many little stores, within the market, are filled with things to take home to remember your day. Often we find a unique key chain that is different to add to our collection, or another style of boat. It is not uncommon to see different types of boats in each Asian country you visit.

If you are looking for adventure, then Tokyo is the perfect destination. Remember to make The Tsukiji Market your first Tokyo stop. It is the perfect beginning to a day of Tokyo exploration.











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