Buko Juice: A Philippine Favorite

Buko Juice, the joy of sweet Coconuts on Leyte island in the Philippines
Buko Juice, the joy of sweet Coconuts on Leyte island in the Philippines

Buko Juice: A Philippine Favorite

Buko Juice is a Philippine favorite! It is delicious and refreshing. You’ll see it in every street market. It is found in the humblest hawker stall to the most elegant restaurant. It begins with coconut water and young coconut meat and then you add milk. It it nourishing! It is healthy! It is delicious! For those who have coconut trees, it is free! Climb the tree, grab a coconut, and shimmy back down. What fun! It is the perfect combination of good health and awesome taste.  It is Buko Juice!

The amazing coconut has a liquid that has been revered as a natural nutritious drink for over 4,000 years. It is hallowed by beauty queens. It can hydrate you body when needed. It has been used as an intravenous fluid. It has saved many lives. There is no other natural liquid on earth  that can be injected into the human blood stream.  Modern science is just now beginning to validate these claims of over 4,000 years. The coconut and it’s liquid is amazing medicine. So why not try the famous Buko Juice? It is a five-star drink with humble roots!

Buko Juice is a wonder drink. It contains electrolytes and minerals that replenish the body after exercize or on a hot muggy day. It is known as having anti-ageing properties. It is a real treat to the body, the hair, and the skin. Buko Juice is loaded with things like calcium, iron, manganese, magnesium and potassium.  Play with it and add other fruits as well. Make your own version of Buko Juice. When it comes to the coconut, you can not go wrong.

A delicious recipe follows, but remember, it is what you want it to be. Pour the water and scrape the meat into it and add mango or pineapple, apple or peach. Buko Juice can be made and amended right in your own kitchen.

My favorite way to make Buko Juice

1 whole coconut

2 cups drinking water or you can use coconut milk

2 cans of coconut juice (Found in Asian markets and sometimes in the Asian section of large chain markets)

Break open coconut and drain into blender. Scrape out coconut meat and add to blender. Add the two cans of coconut juice and some ice. Blend and serve. (If you desire to add other fruit, do it before you blend.)

So now that you have entered the world of Buko Juice, it is time to make your travel plans. Come on over to The Philippines and enjoy Buko Juice all day long. It will change your day. It is delicious! It is healthy! It is Buko Juice!


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