Bunratty — Home of Irelands Bunratty Castle

 Bunratty Castle
Bunratty Castle

Bunratty — Home of Irelands Bunratty Castle

Bunratty, Ireland is a small quaint Irish town in Clare County. The peaceful village is perfect for the writer wanting solitude. The beautiful pastoral scenery is an artist’s delight. Bunratty Castle is its most famous landmark and tourist attraction.

Bunratty Castle was built-in 1425 by the Earl of Thomond, It was later restored to it’s former grander in 1954. This medieval fortress has all the splendor that it did when it was first built. It is beautifully furnished in furniture and rugs of the 14thand 15th centuries. Some of the most beautiful paintings of this period grace the walls of the castle. There is a 26 acre folk park surrounding the castle. The park adds to the authentic feel of the castle. Within the grounds of the castle are many reenactments of what life might have been like in 19th century Ireland .The park is enchanting and has everything that a small village of that time would have had.

The original Bunratty House, which was built-in 1804 and has also been beautifully restored. There is an awesome walled garden with fruit, vegetables, and flowers. The garden originally met the needs of the family living in Bunratty House.

While at the castle, take time to dine with the ladies of the castle at the Bunratty Medieval Banquet. The ladies of the castle provide visitors with a lovely 4 coarse meal. For those who desire, wine is served. Reservations for dinner can be made at 353-61-360788.

While in the village be sure and check out the Woolen Mills. You will find many traditional  Irish goods. There are many good restaurants and pubs in the village. There is a hotel at the castle and several good bed and breakfasts in the area. Bunratty Manor Hotel is one of several hotels in the village.

So come spend some time in Ireland and enjoy the small village life. Check out the many events at the castle and picture yourself as a member of the family. There is no better time than today to discover Ireland and its many castles.




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  1. And a great place to buy a jug of Irish mead!

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