Buying Bitcoins From An ATM

Joining In the Crypto Currency Revolution Made Easy

It can be difficult for the average person to understand and to buy bitcoins online. With the new Bitcoin ATM’s popping up everywhere this is getting easier each day. Recently we tested the Coinme ATM at Seattle’s South Center mall.

When you arrive you will notice that it is close to a cash ATM making it easy to use. The first time used you scan the backside of your drivers license, and the machine automatically creates a wallet for you and shows on the screen your user name and password. This cannot be taken a picture of as a security precaution, and the screen illumination washes out your mobile photo. So have a pen and paper handy.

Then using cash you just insert the bills and watch that the screen records it correctly. Once finished you press the send Bitcoin on screen button. Now the bitcoin is in my wallet at and I login using the user name and password sent to us. “We recommend using $20 first as a test and to setup your own password.” Now you check your new wallet and will see the amount purchased and the confirmation. Once it receives 3 confirmations we where able to send it out to our own wallet of our choice.

This whole process took under thirty minutes, and enabled us to now be able to teach others.

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