Canigao, Island Leyte, Philippines

Canigao Island
Canigao Island

Canigao, Island is an uninhabited island in the Camotes Sea in the Philippines. It is a divers paradise and a snorkelers heaven. The island is surrounded by untouched coral reefs that provide amazing snorkeling and fantastic diving experiences. The water is crystal clear and the blue is so deep and amazing in color. The island has some of the finest white sand beaches around and provides a beautiful location for beach volleyball or swimming. Fisherman find some of the best fishing spots on Canigao Island. Some of the island beaches have amazing rock formations that are fantastic to discover for the energetic hiker. Canigao, Island is a marine sanctuary so no shells or coral is to be collected. There is so much to experience on Canigao, Island.

For those who desire a close and quiet relationship with nature,  Canigao, Island is your answer. This island is full of secluded nooks for the writer and artist alike. If you are looking for the perfect place to sketch or paint, Canigao, Island is your canvas. If quiet for writing is what you need, look no farther than Canigao, Island . Canigao, Island is not over run by huge tourist populations and there are no 5 star resorts on the island. In fact, if you are fussy about what kind of canned food you will eat for dinner, bring your own food. Even the food market is very basic.

The only solid man-made structure on  Canigao, Island is the lighthouse. There is a very basic market area where you can buy a few necessary food items and get your food heated. They do have a generator. You are welcome to bring a tent and camping is allowed for a small fee. There are also tents, tables, and a cottage available for rent. There is no electricity on the island. Canigao, Island  is for those who like to discover the raw delights of nature.

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