Cantwell Alaska : Land of the Midnight Sun

Cantwell Alaska
Alaskan Red Fox wants to play in Cantwell Alaska! Do I get out of the car?

Cantwell Alaska USA

Cantwell, Alaska is a small town in the Land of the Midnight Sun. It began life as a small flag stop on the Alaskan Railroad and now it is a small town of about 200 year around residents. Cantwell is exciting for anyone who has a love for the great outdoors. It’s location, is in the midst of all the many exciting things to see and do, in and around,  the Denali National Park. It is also close by to the famous Igloo City. and sits close to the Cantwell River. Cantwell is a buzz of activity year around. There is a lodge, and several Bed and Breakfasts for your comfort. It is also an excellent place to stop for lunch and dinner.

Summer times in Cantwell are dancing with activity. There are many Tour buses that tour the Denali National Park, lots of flightseeing tours, River tours, and Kayaking tours. Life is busy in Cantwell.  Are you a avid fisherman? Fishing is great on the Cantwell and  Nenana Rivers. There is nothing like fresh Alaskan fish. The water is crystal clear and clean, pollution is a problem read about in text books, and the fish you eat is cleanest and best.  When Kayaking and taking River tours, you often see wildlife as they tend to their young, or hunt for berries. Many Eagles nest and raise their chicks in the bountiful green forests.

Life remains active during the winters as the skiing is fantastic, snowboarding fun, and the dog races are beyond your imagination. They are full of energy and the dogs are excited to prove that each of them is the best. Sled dog teams are special and part of the family. They are treated and trained with love and care. If you get a chance to watch the races or take a ride, you will experience Alaskan adventure at its best.

If you have never had the opportunity to explore the Land of the Midnight Sun, make this the year you discover Alaska. Bring your passport, as Canada is just a hop away.  Book your Alaskan adventure today and let it start in Cantwell, the friendliest town in the State. For tour suggestions and information, check out the following websites:

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