Carton Restaurant: Taichung, Taiwan

Carton Restaurant
Everything Except The Food Is Made From Cardboard

Carton Restaurant: Taichung, Taiwan

Carton Restaurant is the highlight of Taichung, Taiwan! It is an elegant and creative restaurant completely made from cardboard. Everything from the dishes, the chairs, the tables, the elaborate decorations, the lights, to the pots the food is cooked in—–it’s  all cardboard! Only the people and the food are not cardboard. What an amazing place! And you will find it only in Taichung, Taiwan!

Cardboard is a hard commodity to recycle. If it has any grease or gets wet, it is useless. It has to be broke down and only the part where grease or water have never touched it is usable. What the Carton Restaurant is doing in the Carton King Creativity Park in Taichung is amazing.  The restaurant has an elegant feel to it and you would not even think it is all cardboard. How do you feel about putting your young child in her or his cardboard highchair? It is outrageous! It is durable! It is the brainchild of Huang Fang-Liang, the founder and CEO of a large paper goods company. His dream is for us all to be so inspired by this restaurant that we begin to realize all that we can do with cardboard. There are so many uses for cardboard!

Most of the reviews agree, that the food is average and expensive. But is that the reason you go there? How amazing the design team is that created all these cardboard designs. And if you worry about the strength of the chairs, worry not, they are well-tested regularly. So what is holding you back? It is time to book that dream vacation to Taiwan and include the Carton Restaurant. It is fascinating! It is found only in Taiwan. And while you are there, be sure to attend the Carton King Zoo, a few feet away. Everything in the Zoo is made of cardboard, even the animals. What fun!

Carton King Creativity Park 紙箱王

台中市西屯區西屯路3段281巷1號(中科店) No. 1, Lane 281, Section 3, Xitún Rd, Xitun District

Telephone : (04) 2461-8553

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