Catching The Perfect Wave

Catching The Perfect Wave

Catching The Perfect Wave

Catching the perfect wave is every surfer’s dream come true. Del Mar is the surfers winter wonderland. The sun shines year around in Southern California.   California beaches are coastal gems, just waiting to be discovered! They are every beach goers dream destination. And as for the surfers, they are a pearl, a timeless utopia. The waves break just right, in Del Mar, California.

Surfing Del Mar is a spectacular event. The surfer breathes to catch the perfect wave. What can a surfer not do at a beach in Del Mar?  Here you will find some of the greatest beach breaks on the coast. And in the area of the numbered streets from 15th St South, are excellent reef breaks. So grab your board… is time for catching the perfect wave!

Wave after wave, hour after hour, the waves crash into the reefs of Del Mar. There is no time to rest! Each wave just seems to get better. Each one is just  a little bit taller. You often wonder if they can get any better. Del Mar is where surfboard lovers can get their Adrenalin fix.  You will find it, catching the perfect wave!

The waves have been crashing; the sun is setting, and the sky is vibrate shades of reds and oranges. All day you have been catching the perfect wave. Your tired, the day is coming to a close. What do you do now? Why not find a taco shack on the beach? It is time to enjoy tacos as you watch the setting of the sun. The next thing after catching the perfect wave,  is the perfect taco! What will it be……beef, chicken, bean, or pork?

With the stomach full, it is time to crash! Wipe the board down and stand it in its place. A relaxing shower and hit the hay. Tomorrow will come soon, and it will be time for catching the perfect wave!


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