Chenggong Taitung: Taiwan’s East Coast

Chenggong Taitung on the East Coast of Taiwan
Chenggong Taitung on the East Coast of Taiwan

Chenggong Taitung: Taiwan’s  East Coast

Chenggong means town of success.  Chenggong is a small successful town between Hualien and Taitung on Taiwan’s East Coast. It is a town of almost 15,000 people in Taitung County. More than half of the population belong to the Amis Tribe.  The Amis Tribe are very entrepreneurial and the town is correctly named. It is a town of success!

Just to the west of downtown is Fishery Harbor. The port is the largest one in Taitung County. Much of the economy  of the town is dependant on the fishing industry. When the boats come in each day, there is an abundance of fresh fish. Like all of Taiwan, the markets and restaurants depend on the fresh catch. All fish that is sold is fresh fish.  Go into any good restaurant and you will see fish from the catch of the day swimming in a tank. When you are ready to eat, you pick your fish. It is then prepared exactly as you have ordered. When Taiwan says it is fresh, it is fresh indeed!

Chenggong is close to Sanxiantai Island. This is one of the many natural wonders in Taiwan. Sanxiantai Island is connected to the mainland by the Dragon Bridge. The bridge has 8 arches and resembles a dragon, thus the name, Dragon Bridge. Once on the island, there are many hiking paths, a light house and many natural wonders to enjoy. Nearby is also Shiyusan, or Umbrella of Stone. It is a narrow slice of rock that projects out into the sea. It sort of reminds you of an elephant trunk. It can be found at the 102 kilometer post of Highway 11 in Taitung County. What a delight it is! It is another natural wonder of Taiwan.

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