Chenggong Taitung Taiwan


Chenggong Taitung Taiwan

Chenggong Taitung, Taiwan is a beautiful city surrounded by lush mountains and the enormous blue sea.  Can you imagine getting up and looking outside to see the blue majestic sea in front and the lush hills to each side? What a marvelous privilege to live in the midst of this bountiful tropical forest! This is the marvelous East Coast of Taiwan. Taitung Province is quite large. It is the third largest province on the Island. Taitung means Eastern Taiwan. What beauty the treasured East Coast has. Many of the locals call Chenggong Taitung by its Chinese name, Houshan. Taitung is the very last of the Providences to be colonized when the Han Chinese were setting up the many communities on the Island. This has kept it from being urbanized as quickly as other locales.  What a blessing in disguise! Even today, Chenggong Taitung is underpopulated, when compared to other areas. They are the perfect eco-tour location. Chenggong Taitung is a beautiful mountain community. What excitement you will find!

Chenggong Taitung is the largest community between Hualien and Taitung Cities.  This major urban community has only 20,000 people. Even though it may be small in size, it has the largest Fish Market in the area. What fun it is to watch the fisherman unload the nights catch each day and set up the auction. It is full of hustle and bustle! Color and noise fill the air! What an exciting site.  It is a memorable sight to visitors who stay for the action.

There is no way that you will get any fresher fish, than at the Fish Market. This freshness is the calling card of all the many seafood restaurants in the Chenggong Taitung. There are many high-class seafood restaurants in the area. All of them depend on the freshness of the fish of the sea.  There are plenty of hotels available for those who want to stay a day or two. What an adventure awaits in Chenggong Taitung.

Chenggong Taiwan is cradled among the Central Mountains of Taiwan. Here you will find some of Taiwan’s tallest mountains. This area is blessed with good terrain, awesome landscape, and plant and animal ecology. What amazing beauty! The local Aboriginal cultural make this a vibrating place to visit. Color and Music are everywhere!  If you are looking for a unique Taiwan vacation, look no further than Taiwan’s East Coast.  These small mountain villages are sure to delight. Immerse yourself in the local Aboriginal culture. Delight your taste buds with the freshest fish. Make Chenggong Taitung your vacation destination.


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