Chi Ming Palace On Lotus Lake, Kaohsiung

Chi Ming Palace 郗醚嗯宮 of spectacular colors on Lotus Lake in Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Chi Ming Palace 郗醚嗯宮 of spectacular colors on Lotus Lake in Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Chi Ming Palace In Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Chi Ming Palace is the most colorful and spectacular temple by Lotus Lake. Especially during Lantern Festival, you will find color everywhere. At anytime of the year, the architecture is outstanding and the use of color if unique and abundant. There is no way that you can miss it, as it sits on the lake like a breath of fresh air. It is kept up exquisitely, like all the Temples in Taiwan, and from the looks of the crowds, is a very popular place for the locals.

Chi Ming Palace  is there to promote Confucianism, its culture and the education of the masses. Chi Ming Palace has  three-stories, is built-in palace-style, and the architecture is grand and bold. It is used to mainly worship the two sages, Confucius and lord Guan. This is an active house of worship. So when touring the grounds we need to keep that in mind. The Taiwanese take great pride in all their temples and there is always a reverence about them.  To the believers in Confucianism, Confucius is a god, and they are there to offer sacrifice and worship.

There are many temples and pagodas  around Lotus Lake. The main attractions  include The Dragon-Tiger Pagodas, and The Spring-Autumn Pavilion.There is a very large Confucius Temple, and The Tianfu Gong or Temple of enlightenment.  As you continuearrow around the lake there is the statue of Xuantian Shang-di  who is believed to be the guardian of the North. Then there is the magnificent  Chi Ming Palace and the old wall of Fengshan. Each of these are being actively use as houses of worship, they are each unique and completely different from the others. While in Kaohsiung, be sure to leave a leisurely day to just walk the lake and to experience the varied types of architecture.  The use of color and the many different types of buildings is unique for such a small area.

On your next trip to Taiwan, be sure to schedule a few days in the Kaohsiung area, as there is much to see and do. It is also the jumping off point for several day trips that are delightful. Please checkarrow out our website for other tourist spots while in the area and enjoy your next trip to Taiwan. 

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