Chicken, Alaska: The loneliest Place

Chicken, Alaska
The long lonely road to Chicken Alaska

Chicken, Alaska: The loneliest Place

Chicken, Alaska is one of the most awesome places on earth if you love nature and solitude. If you plan to be in Chicken for the winter, you better have lots of blankets, a few good books, lots of knitting, and quilting too.  It is about a 5 hour drive from Fairbanks and is extremely close to the Canadian Border. When I was last there it had a year around population of around 20. There are several gift shops, cafes, a bar, a liquor store, and The Chicken Creek RV Park.

In the summer the population more than triples as the tourists and miners come to town.  One of the best Blue Grass Festivals in the far north is held in Chicken. Chickenstock is June 8th and 9th and what fun it is. The whole town comes alive, as there is dancing till you fall down. Even the dancing chickens come out to play. Chickenstock is the largest summer festival for miles and everyone for miles around joins the fun.

If you have never seen the late summer sun set in Chicken, you do not know what your missing. I have never seen a sunset any yellower than in Chicken. It is awesome! Of course you have to keep long hours to see the summer sun set in the far north. It is well worth the wait.

There is still a little gold in the area around Chicken and every summer many try their luck at gold panning. I myself, prefer Kayaking down the Forty Mile River. The views of the wild life are breathtaking from the water. Bears, Caribou, and even Musk Ox can be seen grazing on the shores. It is one of the best Kayaking trips I have ever done.

Make this the year you discover Chicken, Alaska. Be sure to bring your passport, as Chicken is only a day’s drive to Whitehorse, Yukon Territory Canada. If you love nature, you will love the North of Alaska.

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