Christmas Fantasy Parade

Christmas Fantasy Parade

Christmas Fantasy Parade

Christmas Fantasy is alive at the Christmas Fantasy Parade in Disneyland, California. It’s a season of magic! It’s a season of hope! Let your imagination run free as you join with Mickey, Minnie, and Santa Claus for this years spectacular musical  celebration.  Celebrate the magic of the season with dancing reindeer, marching toy soldiers, and frolicing gingerbread. Excitement fills the air!  Santa Claus will be high above with a sleigh full of goodies and 12 prancing reindeer. Music fills the air! Magic is everywhere. Can you feel it? Let’s celebrate at the Christmas Fantasy Parade.

What a bundle of fun for all the kids! Do you have your letters to Santa ready? Hurry, hurry, get them ready to go. Chip and Dale are almost here. See, Micky and Minnie are helping them get them all sorted, stamped,  and out the door. Time is running out at the Christmas Fantasy Parade. Santa really needs his mail!

Let’s give a warm winters welcome to the crew on the Frozen float. Look, there is Anna, Elsa, and Olaf and all the crew. Such a nice warm day in Southern California. Olaf, the happiest snowman around, has always dreamed of visiting on a summer’s day. Well, maybe it is not summer, but the warm breezes always blow in beautiful Southern California. I hope the ice does not melt! What a magical float Queen Elsa created. The blue tones of the ice are spectacular. Come on now and lets celebrate with winter fun and ice galore.

Oh my, look at those big building blocks! Woody and Buzz wave as they go down the parade route. Look at all the Princesses dance and twirl. Maybe they are  at the ball. What a magnificent time they are having at the ball. Oh my, here comes a band of toy soldiers all decked out in red and black. What fun it is to see everyone all dressed up. It’s a magical world at the Christmas Fantasy Parade!

If you are in the park, be sure to come early to get the best seats. There are lots of good seats in front of “It’s A Small World” and Matterhorn Bobsleds. And of course you can sit all up and down Main Street USA. Come on now, let’s celebrate with Mickey, at the Christmas Fantasy Parade!

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