Christmas In Ice At North Pole, Alaska

North Pole Celebrates With Ice Sculptures

Christmas in Ice is the annual event that lights up the season in North Pole, Alaska. It begins the first week of December and ends the second week of January. This is a time of family spontaneous fun. The festival is always held next to Santa Claus House in the park. The featured event is the Christmas themed Ice art competition. Then of course there are mazes and ice slides to get a swift ride, adding to the spontaneous fun in the park. Every year the slide seems to get longer, and faster than the year before.

Santa Is Having Some Rest And Relaxation Before His Big Day

Ice Santa is out snowmobiling in Alaska’s back-country. The Interior of Alaska is loaded with back-country to explore. Santa does not want to miss out on the fun. It is not good to have all work and no play, even for Santa.

The Virgin Mary Looks Over The Ice Event In North Pole, Alaska

These ice sculptures seem to spring to life with amazing details. This is a special season and it is time to celebrate Christmas In Ice.

Last Years Ice Sled Dog Team

This ice dog team is ready to run the Iditarod Race from Fairbanks to Nome. These ice sculptures just seem to spring to life. Are you ready?

This Wolf Is Almost Nesting On His Head

Winter fun is spectacular and amazing adventure  in the Interior of Alaska. Temperatures plunge and it is a must to be ready and warm.

 It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  

It really is the most wonderful time of the year. With the Christmas In Ice festival  in the park and Santa House right next door, how can you not enjoy a winter of adventure in North Pole, Alaska?

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