Cijin Island Taiwan Adventures

Cijin Island Dried Fish Market
Cijin Island Taiwan Dried Fish Market

Cijin Island Taiwan is a narrow island off the coast of Kaohsiung City. It’s placement makes it perfect for serving as a natural breakwater for Kaohsiung Harbor. One of the highlights of a day on Cijin Island is renting the colorful bicycles and touring the island by bike. Cijin Island is famous for its many seafood restaurants, each selling fresh caught seafood. Seafood is caught in the morning and kept alive throughout the day. You enter the restaurant, pick your fish and it is prepared for you on site. It can not get much fresher!


Cijin Island Taiwan is home to a very large dried fish market. Make sure to come hungry, as every time you stop to look, a seller will give you a sample to eat. It seemed like the varieties of fish are endless. Each seller has burlap bags filled with dried fish of every kind you can think of. The market also has many other eager sellers of Taiwanese goods. The Cijin Dried Fish Market is a crash course in Taiwanese culture and a delightful experience.


Heading north are many small alleys and a very colorful residential area. Here you will find many small shops nestled among the homes. If you continue north from there, the next stop is a large beachside park. This park has nice wide pathways that make it extremely easy to explore by bicycle.


On the far north end of the island, there is a fabulous white lighthouse. Cijin Lighthouse is extremely beautiful. It is accessible by many steps, but is well worth the effort. There is no charge to tour the light house. When you get to the top of the lighthouse you have the greatest views of Kaohsiung City, the ocean, and Kaohsiung Harbor.


Cijin Island Taiwan is connected to Kaohsiung City by underwater tunnels and by colorful ferries that cross the harbor every few minutes. Bikes, scooters, and wheel chairs can easily be brought aboard. Getting off the ferry is a two block walk to downtown through a maze of snack stands.

The island is an international travel destination for travelers from abroad. Cijin Island Taiwan is waiting to become your next travel destination. For added information and pictures see:

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