Cijin Island: The Center for Fresh Fish

Cijin Island is the place to go for fresh seafood in Kaohsiung Taiwan
Cijin Island is the place to go for fresh seafood in Kaohsiung Taiwan

Cijin Island Tidbits

Cijin Island is just a 30 minute or less ride on the ferry from Kaohsiung proper. You can sum up this island in a few words. Everything is Fresh! Everything is neat and clean! There is no trash anywhere! The water is crystal clear and clean.  They have an enormous fish market and guess what?  Every thing is fresh and clean.  As you wander through the market of dried fish, vendors will keep giving you samples. Many different kinds of fish, both dried and fresh.  Cijin Island Fish Market is the top of the line.

Cijin Island is also filled with color. First of all the Ferry itself was extremely colorful. Then you come to the vendors area and quickly rent a rickshaw. They are bright colors and there are many different styles. What a fun way to see this small island. Cijin island is basically flat and so it is easy to pedal. There is a beautiful park to pedal through and gaze out across the sea. The view of Kaohsiung proper was priceless.  Another treat was the drive through a rather humble neighborhood. There were brightly painted doors and entrances to cement buildings.  The laundry hung from the balcony’s but you could still see the brightly painted windows.  Cijin Islanders love color.

Cijin Island was not over run with cars. There were cars on the street, but very few. The local people mainly used scooters. The tourists seemed to be  overjoyed  by the pedi-rickshaws.  Many of the local people had different types of bicycles also.  Cijin Island locals  are a very frugal people and scooters get close to 100 miles  per gallon of gas. The bicycles once bought were free to run. Like all of Taiwan, Cijin Island gave a whole new meaning to the term green.  They did not talk green, they lived green.

On your next trip to Taiwan, be sure to visit Kaohsiung. While there, catch the ferry to Cijin Island. The island will delight you! The food is amazing! The Cijin Island Fish Market is the biggest market in the area. The Market is delightful!  The people are friendly! Life is spontaneous and fun on Cijin Island.

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