Coconut Palm Trees: Living Nutrition

Coconut Palm
Coconut Palm Tree

Coconut Palm Trees: Living Nutrition

Coconut Palms grow in most of Asia. They are especially suited to Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and The Philippines. Coconut Palms thrive in the warm humid conditions of the tropics worldwide. In November of 2013 ,many of the coconut plantations of the Philippines were uprooted and destroyed by Super Typhoon Yolanda. This was a huge blow to the plantation owners, as a coconut palm do not mature enough to give fruit for about 6 years. Even then, they will not fruit really well for several more years. Making it a hard blow for commercial growers.

The market for the coconut has been growing worldwide as people begin to realize the nutritional and medicinal advantages of the coconut palm. Coconuts have many  health benefits from protecting against heart diseases to preventing tooth decay! The humble coconut is thought to increase good cholesterol and thus lowers the ratio of bad to good cholesterol in the body. It is believed to aid in the prevention of strokes and brain disorders such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. This stately palm is a miracle!

The coconut is known for its ability to kill off disease-causing bacteria and viruses. It also helps kill off yeasts and fungi. It has been discovered that coconut oil fights the bacteria responsible for tooth decay. Scientists have also discovered that you can mix the coconut oil with other digestive enzymes and it becomes a powerful killer of mouth bugs. Now that is tooth decay prevention!

It is helpful to diabetics due to its slow release into the bloodstream. It also boosts metabolism, as it generally stores in the body as fuel, rather than fat. It helps to fight malnutrition. The raw coconut meat has a high fibre content and acts like a probiotic in the system. What is there not to love about this humble fruit?

Not to be outdone, is all the uses for the rest of the plant. The palm leaves can provide thatch for the roofs of rural homes. Weavers of baskets make vessels of honor. Rope and roofing materials are made from its many parts. The wood used in building furniture begins here. Even items for the home, are often made out of the humble shell. No part of this stately palm is wasted.

The many tropical areas of the world and Southeast Asia invite you to visit. Pack your bag and grab your passport. The many secrets of the Tropics are waiting to be discovered. Learn the secrets to good health! Join us in the Tropics at the foot of the Coconut Palm.






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