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Throughout the years I have tried investing within many industries, and have been successful with returns of 8-15% per year. Now these returns have been considered successful, and yet once taxes is taken out this turns out to have been a complete waste of time. Now today I have come to the conclusion that the current financial system is rigged to fleece the average worker, and to consolidate financial power into the hands of just a few companies, and people who are apart the government industrial complex.

Within the current financial, and technical system the emergence of crypto-currencies is thriving. This is a unregulated field of finance, and comes with high risk. But even with the risk once must ask why has this become so successful so quickly? Why has Bitcoin gone above $1000, and why are new crypto currencies coming on board each day? For me the answer is clear, and it is that people no longer have any trust of the current world wide financial system, and they are voting with their pocket books. How is it that we can make .60% daily in crypto currency, and our bank account loose money each day with the erosion of inflation?

I think these questions will be answered by the worlds governments by trying to shutdown technology based finance, and they will fail. I would prefer that the USA government of another country make an attempt to accept that is’s here to stay and to implement reasonable regulation bringing it into world finance. Now a government out there will not do this, and what most likely will happen will be the flight of capital to another country who is doing this. This is real free markets; not what the talking heads say on T.V. each night.

So it’s time for people who constantly stop saying it is a scam because they don’t understand it or feel threatened by it. Yes it is a technology that is disruptive, and will replace but not remove current needs. The automobile, and the current finance system is over; they just have not admitted it yet.

If you would like to learn about my experiments in the field of crypto-currency click here.”

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