Continuing Education While Long Term Traveling

Continuing Education While Long Term Traveling

Continuing Education While On Long Term Traveleling

We get questions from people who want to travel, and continue some of their college education. So I am going to tell you what I @johngentry did over several decades of traveling.

First you have to separate what your goals are from what you can accomplish. For example you may have a strong background in business studies, but are interested in another field. However if you want to finish your degree more quickly; you should consider testing out of the remainder requirements business classes since that is your strong area of study. Now if you are just wanting to work on your area of interest, and your timeframe will accommodate this; then by all means go right ahead.

I have found the following tests that I have used to validate my private studies over the years.

1. DSST Testing

2. CLEP testing

3. Language Testing International

4. Other Ace evaluated classes from employers or government agencies

Over the years I have tested out of 130 under graduate credits, and have taken interesting classes from universities from around the world. My goal was to validate what I have learned for my own personal use. However these credits can also be combined into a degree if you are interested. I use Thomas Edison State University to keep track of all of my credits, and have supplied their transcript on the rare occasion I have needed too. The school has many degree programs to choose from, and does a good job importing my transfer credits from Universities around the world.

Here are some resources I use still today: – Major source of information and ideas.

American Counsel on Education

Thomas Edison State University



ITunes University – My favorite since almost all subjects are covered here.

With over twenty years of information on this subject; I may write about some specific areas of study that I have done, and gained University level credit in. It just really depends if people really have an interest in this unique subject matter. The savings that young people could accomplish is staggering if one applied ones self.

So don’t let continuing your education prevent you from your travel dreams. If you have more questions or want me to expand on something please comment below.


Happy Travels,

ExploreTraveler Team


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