Coral Reef Fishing….A Taiwanese Abundance

Coral Reef Fishing

                        Coral Reef Fishing

Coral Reef Fishing among the magnificent soft and hard coral beds of Green Island is delightful. Green Island has a unique abundance of coral reef surrounding the island. It also has the famous Mountain Coral which only lives in the Japanese Current. There are dense beds of sea grasses that help protect the marine life from predators. These living conditions among the rich Coral Reef, make fishing an economic endeavor in Taiwan. Commercial fishing flourishes in these conditions. Beyond that, the fishing opportunities within this coral reef ecosystem is amazing. Individual fisherman of the area come here to provide for their families. Is there any reason to go hungry in Taiwan?

One of the biggest concerns among the Taiwanese and others is how best to allow our reefs to feed us while protecting them from decay and decline. Taiwan has many built-in no enter zones, no fish zones, and areas where there is no commercial fishing allowed. As we all respect these and other guide lines, we help ensure that we will be able to fish for generations to come. For the tiny island of Taiwan, fishing is their way of life. They have no room for large head of cattle or other herds of animals. While there is some, only the continued effort of all will keep the seas productive for our children.

Taiwan’s fisherman is extremely knowledgeable, tough, and courageous. They care about the island and realize that these bountiful coral reefs are the heritage that will pass to the next generation. Fishing is a way of life and even if all you do is fish for your family meal, it is important. The local people are sweet, kind, and competent. Everyone goes out of their way to keep the streets and beaches free of litter. They pride themselves on their green mentality. It seems to come natural to them to protect their little island. One thing is certain, fisherman were born to fish. In that light, I see all of Taiwan working together to protect the Coral Reefs for fisherman of this and future generations. It is out of an abundance of fish that the people are fed. Fishing is a way of life in Taiwan!

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