Crypto-Currency bringing the needed disruptive change

Victoria Harbor, the largest Harbor in China
Victoria Bay the largest Harbor in China

These days with our industry of crypto currency being new, and slowly solidifying within the financial industry. We must  consider the possibilities that are springing up as a confluence of events and situations take place. The world is watching and will turn to some here for advice, and leadership.

With company IPO being replaced with the ICO of equity based tokens, and other financial models that have yet to be invented. We will stand to assist, and to transform the financial world as it is known today. Fiat currencies world wide will feel the winds of change, and world wide markets will see what they have come to expect and count on disappear overnight. Governments and large corporations will not have to decide on if they will change over but when, and how if being to late to the table put's their future at stake. Whole industries that have never been able to work world wide as a whole will have the possibility to use a single currency of their choice, and be able to accept and pay for each others services within minutes. These winds of change will sweep throughout the world just as the invention of the automobile started slowly, and then consumed everyone world wide ushering in the last industrial revolution. Except this time people of the world over have spoken and decided that finance should be decentralized, and not controlled by any one government. That money as a instrument of exchange can be determined not just by governments but by people, groups, and industries.

Banking institutions will develop, and embrace this new technology but only for the purpose of control. This will in turn cause turmoil when things don't go exactly as they planned. The papering over will then be the avenue of control as they try to artificially try to control the prices of one asset only for it to become replaced by another chosen by the people. These emotional times will see a great re-alignment of wealth shift throughout the world, and cause pause by leaders world wide. Those that chose to become early adopters will see a great increase of financial prosperity, and those who choose to latch on to the past failure of financial dictatorship will go the way as the horse and buggy. Not gone but reduced to a fraction of the size they are today.

So where do you want to be, and what choices do you want to make. We as always will continue to work, and support this new industry, and help people world wide to be able to conduct business while bypassing the self declared gate keepers of the banking world. Bitcoin, STEEM, and many others will rise, and adapt to new and old industries alike each finding their new niche.

Keep writing supporting and showing the world that new businesses models here on Steemit and others around the world are here to disrupt, and to change things for the better.

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