Culinary Treasures From The West Coast USA

Chowder And Sourdough Bread Please

Our West Coast Culinary Photo Tour begins in the Northern State of Washington.  The states of Washington and Oregon are big on chowders, but when you get to Northern Washington you experience the real variety of chowders.  Every little town has a clam chowder hut, but when you get to Northern Washington you see not only clam chowder, but corn chowder, fish chowder, and salmon chowder. There is nothing like a good bowl of chowder and a hunk of sourdough bread on a cold winter day.

It’s All About Shrimp In Monterey

As we head on south to Northern and Central California we come to Monterey.  In Monterey it is all about every possible way to cook and serve shrimp. Every restaurant in the area has a unique specialty with shrimp as the center star.

Never A Bad Time For BBQ

Have something to celebrate?  Dig out the grill, and throw on the dogs! Everyday is a day for BBQ, on the West Coast USA.

Oysters On The Half Shell

From the Canadian Border to the Mexican Border, Oysters reign king on the West Coast USA. The further south you go, the better it gets.

San Diego And The Sea Urchin

Sea Urchin is served straight from the sea. They are fresh and raw, some say they taste more like a custard.  They are  a San Diego delicacy.

Crab Cakes On The Beach, Anyone?

Almost every fish shack has their recipe for this delightful Southern California treat. San Diego is famous for it’s crab cakes. How can you go to the beach with out them?

Are you hungry yet? As you travel the West Coast of the USA, be sure to stop at all the little food shacks as you go. It is here, that you will taste the best of the best for each region.  Why not join in the fun? It is time for a West Coast Food Adventure.

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