Danshuei Delicacy, In The Far North Of Taiwan

Large Snails Are A Dinner Specialty

Northern Taiwan is known for it’s heavy rainfall which produces a fertile ground for land snails. Land snails can be larger than the other common snails and are often gathered up after a heavy rain and sauteed. Then they are commonly served with basil and black beans. The dark brown snails are larger, and delicious cooked with various seasoning and served with a typical soup made of dried cuttlefish and succulent bamboo shoots. Sometimes a side dish of sauteed crab claws  sauteed in garlic, basil, and bamboo shoots is served on the side.

Any one of the above can also be served alone in the small stalls and night markets. In this setting they become one of the “little eats” that makes Taiwan famous.  This is much more common for the Taiwanese, as they prefer to graze their way through the day, rather than sit down to three meals a day.

If you are traveling in the north of Taiwan, take time to check out the many delicacies of Taiwan. In Northern Taiwan, you will discover the specialties that are known only to that area. It truly is the land of little eats! It is a food adventure  on the island of Taiwan.



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