Danshui Old Street And Waterfront

Danshui Old Street Taiwan
Danshui Old Street Taiwan

Danshui Old Street: Taipei,Taiwan

Danshui Old Street and waterfront is located in DanShui/TamSui. What a charming city in Taipei’s north side! Like many old cities, it is laid back and the locals come here to relax, access the many delicious local Taiwanese eateries, and watch the beautiful sunsets. Danshui Old Street and waterfront  has an awesome waterfront park, with wide paved pathways. You will see couples walking hand in hand, senior citizens fishing off the docks, and people cycling slowly along the waterfront. Families come here to play the fun games they remember from their childhood. Taiwanese snacks are everywhere, and people love to find the ones that they remember from when they were young. Last, but not least, are the many eateries located on this calm, but busy street. It’s location being so near to the city of Taipei, city dwellers come here to take relaxing breaks, and drink their coffee along the waterfront. An added bonus, is that Danshui Old Street and waterfront, has some of the best sunsets in the Taipei area. Even if you only have a short time, come join us at the waterfront on Danshui Old Street, in the beautiful town of DanShui, Taiwan.

Foods in DanShui

The most awesome and delicious local food can be found on Danshui Old Street and waterfront. There are so many small shops selling traditional cuisine. These foods have a long history. A few of the most famous small eateries are listed below.

LaoPai Fish Ball (老牌 可口鱼丸)

Various seafood is available, though squid is their speciality.

Address: No. 232, Zhongzheng Rd, Danshui District, New Taipei City, 251 (台北縣淡水鎮中正路232)

Contact:(02) 2623 – 3579 ,

Operating Hours: 7:00 am– 7:00pm

Grilled squid is the speciality of this small restaurant.

AXiang Shrimp Rolls (阿香虾卷)

A well-known shop selling good fish balls and steamed stuffed bun.

Address: No. 230, Zhongzheng Rd, Danshui District, New Taipei City, 251 (台北縣淡水鎮中正路230)

Contact: +886 2 2623 3042

Operating Hours: 10:00am – 10:00pm

APo Iron Egg (阿婆鐵蛋)

AXiang Shrimp Rolls is the speciality.

Address: No. 135-1, Zhongzheng Rd, Taiwan 251 (新北市淡水鎮中正路135之1號)

Contact: +886 2 2623 3042

Operating Hours: 9:00am – 10:00pm


Directions To Danshui Old Street

By metro

Tamsui is most easily accessed from Taipei by taking the MRT Tamsui (Red) Line to the northern end of Tamsui Station. It is about a 40 minute ride.

On foot

Most of the city of Tamsui is easily accessible by foot from the MRT station. Turn left as you exit the MRT and then right along the river.

By bus

The R26 bus will take you from Danshui MRT Station to Fort San Domingo or Fisherman’s Wharf.

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