Del Mar Beach In Southern California

Del Mar Beach

Del Mar Beach In Southern California

Del Mar Beach in San Diego, California is the finest beach in the city. Over two miles of exquisite sandy beach. It is the most beautiful beach in Southern California. Here you can enjoy relaxing in the sunshine, read a book, take a walk, or go jogging. What a wonderful beach to camp out for the day. Gather the family and pack a lunch. The water is always warm and swimming is amazing in the gentle waves.  The lifeguards can give detailed information about any conditions you should know. If you are looking for adventure close to home, look no further than Del Mar Beach.

There are actually three beaches in Del Mar. The Main Beach is by far the most magnificent for swimming and just relaxing. This beach is a Southern California jewel. It is a perfect place to let the kids run and play. The waves are low and gentle. Just above 15th Street where the surf breaks are two magnificent parks. Powerhouse and Seagrove Parks are great places to bring the family and just relax and have a picnic on the beach. Powerhouse Park also has a barefoot friendly “tot lot” where kids can play, climb, and swing. No dogs are allowed here, so it is the perfect family beach.

And for those who want to bring Fido, there is North Beach or Dog Beach. It is just above 29th and is the perfect place for our four-legged friends to run, fetch, and play. With over a half mile of beach, it is a perfect spot for a good game of frisbee or fetch the stick.

No matter where you choose to go at Del Mar, you will find amazing sandy beaches. So load the family in the car and head on out to Del Mar Beach. It is the perfect family get away.

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