Din Tai Fung Dumplings Hsinchu Taiwan

Din Tai Fung chefs working hard to master the perfect dumplings in Taiwan








Din Tai Fung Dumplings Hsinchu Taiwan

Today as we relaxed, and recovered from the heavy grind of work from Monday to Friday; the decision to go downtown Hsinchu was made. Now we don’t normally go there much anymore due to traffic, and the lack of parking. But nestled inside the Far Eastern Mall is a very special dim sum restaurant Din Tai Fung that is very famous here in Taiwan, and with internationally acclaim world wide. Several years ago even Tom Cruse the movie actor made sure to go there while her in Taiwan. No the place is very busy, and reservations are not allowed. You have to get in a Que to get a ticket just to wait another thirty minutes. Once inside everyone is very nice, and helpful with the use of English menus and good service. The dumpling selection is not your normal variety, and their famous soup dumpling is very good.

When we received the very large menu, and started to look at what was inside it can be overwhelming. However with great local service, and the expertise of the restaurant we had a feast of great proportions in no time. So if you are in Hsinchu, Taipei or all over the world stop in and have a bite.

So if you are interested in a real Asian food experience look this place up, and find the nearest location near you. Dintaifungusa.com



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