Discovering The Posh, Modern, And Ancient City Of Dusseldorf Germany

 The 16th Century Rathaus in Dusseldorf’s Altstadt Germany

Rathaus has a lavish facade and the architecture is a celebration of the city’s medieval history.

 Faith In Dusseldorf Germany  

Christianity is evenly divided between the Lutheran, Evangelical, and Roman Catholic Churches in Germany.

 Dusseldorf City along the Romantic River Rhine in Germany

The beautiful Rhine River flows through 6 countries and is the longest river in Germany.

 Duke Jan Wellem Monument In Front Of The Townhall In

Dusseldorf City

 The Duke Jan Wellem monument of Dusseldorf was erected in 1711.

 A sleepy morning in Dusseldorf Germany

 For The Love Of Beer! The Local Favorite In Germany.

Most German meals of importance are served with beer.

Bratwurst, Knockwurst, Or Bockwurst A Centuries Old  Favorite In Germany  

These sausages are always served with a cold beer on the tap.

McDonald’s In Germany

All the standard McDonald’s products are sold in Germany, but in 2013 the German McDonald’s added McCurrywurst. It has a  tangy sauce and Curry powder in either  mild or hot. It is served with a bread roll or French Fries.

While traveling the rails in Europe, you will see many interesting places throughout Germany, but do take time to see Dusseldorf, Germany with it’s medieval architecture, beautiful Rhine River, and friendly people.


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