Disney Adventure Park California

Disney Adventure Park

Disney Adventure Park California

Disney Adventure Park California is an amazing theme park of 7 totally different lands. Discover each of the different lands for a fun-filled day at Disney. Re-live the Pixar stories. Explore all that Disney has to offer. Disney Adventure Park California has amazing attractions. Within the attractions is entertainment for everyone. The young and the old come together for the day at Disney Adventure Park California. Enjoy entertainment at its finest! It is amazing! It is fun! It is exhilarating! Discover all the many places to dine. For everyone there is a cuisine. South of the Border favorites to delicious Indian cuisine, you will find it at Disney Adventure Park California.

Micky’s Fun Wheel

Spin and sail, over and around the radiant face of Micky. All aboard Micky’s sensational Ferris Wheel. Stroll through the boardwalk to the thrill ride of Micky’s Fun Wheel. It is fun! It is exciting!  Micky’s smiling face will great you. The wheel glows!  Climb into the gondola for 9 fun-filled minutes of sparkling entertainment. Spin and drop as the wheel turns. The spokes of the wheel twinkle above Paradise Pier.  It is glittery! It sparkles! View the fantastic vistas of Paradise Bay and Disney Adventure Park California from 150 feet in the air. Micky’s Fun Wheel is fun for all ages.  All aboard! Let’s go for the sensational ride of the day!

Micky’s Fun Wheel has 24 brightly colored gondolas. Some are stationary, but most swing as the Fun Wheel circles. Each gondola features a different Disney friend. Minnie, Goofy, Pluto, Donald, and Micky all are waiting to give you an experience of a life time. The gondolas glide, sway, and spin. The are exhilarating! They can make you dizzy! They are part of the fun at Disney Adventure Park California. Micky’s Fun Wheel is one of two of the original Wonder Wheels. The other one  is located at Coney Island in New York. So kick up your heels. Join the fun! Engage in the Micky experience. Be happy!  Disney Adventure Park California…the theme park for the whole family!




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