Disneyland California Adventure Park USA

California Adventure Park

Disneyland California Adventure Park

Disneyland California Adventure Park USA is comprised of seven fantasy lands. Disney and Pixar stories seem to leap to life.   Disneyland California Adventure Park has amazing attractions. The stories are fascinating! The characters are incredible! Race through the desert hills. Soar over California. Explore the depths of the sea. Explore the water ways. Whatever you like to do, you will find it in Disneyland California Adventure Park. Disneyland California Adventure Park is premier family fun. The creativity is fabulous.

Radiator Springs Racers

Start your engines. Rev your motor. Zoom through the California desert landscape. The inspiration for Radiator Springs Racers comes from the movie, Cars. Put fun in overdrive and zoom through the amazing desert. Zip over the hills. Cruise down the straightway.Radiator Springs Racers are amazing. The fun begins when you start to snake through the long line. At first you wander through an amazing Desert Cacti Garden, then on to the bottle buildings. Let your mind run wild as you think of what you can go home and build. Along the way you will even see a fountain shaped like a truck. How amazing! Finally you get to the front of the ride and the fun begins.  You begin your pre-race with a nice scenic ride through the desert.  What fun! Your scenic tour of the stunning Ornament Valley has begun, What beauty awaits in the desert. When you finish your leisurely warm up the race will begin. You will race against another car. Who will win the race? So get ready. Rev the motor. And lets get going. Disneyland California Adventure Park USA Radiator Springs Racers have begun.

Other Highlights Throughout The Park

While wandering through the park, be sure to join Goofy on the ride of a life time. It almost resembles a baby ride until you are on and going. Soon you will be hanging on for dear life. You feel like at any time you can fly out of the car. It is one of the best rides in the park. If you like thrill rides, spend some time with Goofy. It is fabulous! It is thrilling! It is adventure.

The spectacular world of the little mermaid is fantastic. As you visit the world down under the water, you will see neon colors and amazing creativity. It seems so real, that you almost forget you are not part of their world.

Scattered throughout the park are many places to dine. There are 94 different restaurants in Disneyland California Adventure Park USA. There are buffets, fast food, and sit down dinning. There are places with Disney Characters and others that are more formal. Whatever you are looking for, it is in Disneyland California Adventure Park USA.







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