Disneyland Magic At Paradise Pier

Paradise Pier Hotel

Disneyland Magic At Paradise Pier

Disneyland Magic is alive at Paradise Pier! The pier is a land of sights and colors on the banks of a beautiful lagoon. It is a magical tribute to all the board walks, carnivals, and amusement parks of days gone by. These were the days of poodle skirts and sock hops at the boardwalk. It was a simpler time and amusement came alive all over the land. Disneyland magic again fills the air at the pier. Thrill rides are everywhere. They light up the night sky. Disneyland Magic is a bundle of old-fashioned vintage fun. Each night the boardwalk lights up, just like it did in years gone by. The sights and sounds of Disneyland magic are in the air.

No boardwalk of yesterday was complete without the thrill of the wooden roller coaster. Disneyland magic is again in the air as California Screamin’ comes alive. It is a completely modern all steel roller coaster that is uniquely designed to appear as the thrill ride of yesterday. What looks like a vintage wooden roller coaster of the 50’s is a cleverly concealed modern steel coaster that goes from zero to 55 miles an hour in less than 5 seconds. Come twist and turn before dropping 108 feet. Did you loose your stomach on that one? Then top it off with the signature upside down loop from times past. This is the ride of yesterday coming alive in the 21st century. It is just another taste of Disneyland Magic.

The night sky lights up with light shows and fireworks on selected nights. Colors are amazing as they sparkle and mingle from sky to boardwalk. With the help of Disneyland magic, even the mundane glows in the night. The boardwalk is transformed as it is engulfed in the colors of the night sky. View the  World of Color nighttime spectacular. Color is in the air and the music of times past fills the night. Join Disneyland, as they bring back the magic of yesteryear at Paradise Pier.




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